Webcard is a web enabled business card. It will have a linked microsite. You can have multiple webcards but the professional one will be the default and primary card. The rest will be secondary webcards which can highlight your different iCircles based on what you do besides your profession. A business entity can have a webcard too.

Get Paper Webcard

You want printed business card! No worries! You can print your webcard and use it as your traditional business card to hand out to your business contacts.

Plastic Webcard

You can make your webcard durable. Get your plastic webcard. These will look like your ATM cards, Credit cards, Loyalty cards, Membership cards. A plastic webcard can be your ID cards also!

Metalic Webcard

Want to step up webcard quality? Get your metallic webcard! Choose from a variety of colors and metals. Make yourself distinguished!

Premium Webcard

Be fancy and branded with your class and style! Get premium webcard to make impact on your contact’s mind! This will be your special with design and quality!

iCircles Stands for Identity Circles.

At iCircles we create our digital identities. We organize our personal, social, and professional activities in our own digital space. We become publishers of our contents and monetize them with our controls. We don’t become targeted and tracked by unknown people. We create our internal worlds with external broadcast. We create our brands and market our products. We define and refine our culture with trusted communication for collective improvement.

Profile Microsite

Here you highlight your professional identity to introduce yourself to others. This is an editable page linked to your webcard accessible via a QR code allowing you expanded digital space to add more contents. You may publish or keep private any section you

Professional Lounge

This is the place where you allow your newa cquaintances to be in your network as the first step.Here you discuss all professional matters. You will not be able to advertise without prior authorization.

Social Lounge

This is a restricted space where you will only allow people who you trust. Contents will be social media types with text, videos, and photos. You can add an acquaintance from professional lounge once there issufficient trust generated.

My Page

This is your timeline where you keep your contents strictly private. From here you can share them within your network and to other pages.

With Webcards, Social activities, Professional works, Video, Audio and Screen Sharing Communication, and Live Chat features.

Lifestyle Features

iCircles products and services will bring in game changing effects in every aspects of our socio-economic life stretching from urban to rural areas covering all spectrum of sectors, ushering us into next generation technological excellence..


This is the video conference application. There are three versions, social, common for all, official restricted to private company/organization meeting, medical – for patient care.


This is a short video platform, like TikTok, YouTube shorts, Facebook Reels. Here we will currently allow only marketing and education related videos from registered businesses and users.


Registered businesses will be offering their products digitally. A system of trust and transparency will be introduced to ensure that consumer interests are well protected.


Users can put their classifieds here to let others know what they have for trade, rent or selling as individual non-ecommerce entities. A system of trust and transparency will be introduced to ensure that consumer interests are well protected.


All jobs will be advertised here by registered users and businesses. A system of trust and transparency will be introduced to ensure that consumer interests are well protected.


Here you will get business tools to create and scale products like webcards, microsites, community microsites for millions of users. Community microsites will be in urban settings and geolocated.


Consumers and employees can submit their numerical feedback on interactions. The interactions will be business vs consumers, employee vs employee. The score will be a guideline regarding their performance quality. Personal level scores can be kept private or published.

Community Microsite

Community microsites are digital hubs for urban community that will be geolocated provide a variety of services essential for a community to thrive..

Collaborate online in real-time

With Video, Audio and Screen Sharing Communication, and Live Chat

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